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Inside Celco
Jan 2012 (Volume 57)

Energy Star Dishwashers
  • WT30 Undercounter Dishwasher
  • WT65 Hood Style Dishwasher
Hood type and Undercounter dishwashers are the ideal solution for demanding customers requiring high performance with low running costs. Electrolux offers the maximum in washing results while providing reliable dishwashing operation.

Inside Celco
Sept 2011 (Volume 56)

Chewable Ice in a Convenient Under Counter Machine

Inside Celco
Sept 2011 (Volume 55)

Same Great Ovens
New Sleek Look

Inside Celco
Jan 2011 (Volume 54)

Out With The Old In With The New
5 New 1000 Watt Microwaves

Inside Celco
Dec 2010 (Volume 53)

Merry Christmas 2010
Happy New Year 2011

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.
Thank You All For A Wonderful Year.

Inside Celco
Nov 2010 (Volume 52)

Dress Up Your Amana With Accessories

Inside Celco
October 2010 (Volume 51)

The Perfect Gem
GEMD270 Pearl Ice & Water Dispenser

The NEW pearl ice self-contained ice & water dispenser makes the ice, stores it, and dispenses it, with or without water. No need to buy anything else.

Inside Celco
September 2010 (Volume 50)

High Speed Cooking Perfected!

The ACP ACE14 and AXP Ovens

Inside Celco
July 2010 (Volume 49)

Celco is pleased to announce the re-launch of it’s website,!

A fresh new look, new features, existing features updated. Our easy to use website, now even easier.

Inside Celco
May 2010 (Volume 48)

CF Series Ice-Cream Dipping Cabinets & Freezers

Maintain the quality of your frozen foods and / or ice-cream in these reliable freezer merchandisers. Available as:
  • 30" (4 tubs)
  • 41" (6 tubs)
  • 61" (10 tubs)
  • 70" (12 tubs)
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Inside Celco
May 2010 (Volume 47)


Celco Inc. is now proudly representing Ice-O-Matic in Ontario and Quebec. Ice-O-Matic offers a full line of equipment and accessories to satisfy any ice requirement.
  • Reliable performance
  • Carefree operation
  • Practical design
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Inside Celco
March 2010 (Volume 46)

ACE 14

The newly enhanced Convection Express now cooks even faster. 2700 watts of convection assisted with 1400 watts of microwave. Bake, brown, roast and crisp in a fraction of the time, using less space than a conventional oven and no special ventilation required.

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Inside Celco
October 2009 (Volume 45)

Food Safety Solutions...
A complete line of:

Pocket Digital & Dial Thermometers
Infrared Thermometers
Thermocouples & Probes
Timers & Alarms
Refrigeration & Freezer Thermometers
Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
Wireless Monitoring

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Inside Celco
Sept 2009 (Volume 44)

Who Needs A Deep Fryer When You Have An Electrolux?
ELECTROLUX Air-O-Steam Combi Ovens and Air-O-Convect Convection Ovens can air-fry all your deep fried products for you.

No smell, no grease, no oil.
Just great tasting, healthy foods that everyone can enjoy.

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Inside Celco
August 2009 (Volume 43)

Featuring Silver King Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers … Silver King Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers feature rugged stainless steel construction inside and out, and programmable controls for temperature, defrost and alarm features. Their energy efficient design carries energy star rating.

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Inside Celco
July 2009 (Volume 42)

Featuring Nieco Broilers … Whatever you may like about manual broiling, you'll find that NIECO automatic broilers can do it, only better, faster and with fewer worries.

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Inside Celco
June 2009 (Volume 41)

Featuring Silver King Refrigerator and Freezer Chef Bases … Silver King Chef Bases come with 5 year warranty on drawer slides, and up to 125% more capacity.

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Inside Celco
May 2009 (Volume 40)

Featuring Amana ACE14 and AXP Convection-Assisted Microwaves … High speed cooking perfected! The EZCARD Menu Management System on both the AXP and ACE14 updates your menu item programming in seconds.

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Inside Celco
April 2009 (Volume 39)

Featuring Silver King Majestic Milk Machines … Silver King Majestic Milk Machines are the new standard in milk dispensers. They are now available in three full size units that will accommodate your bag and box containers. They feature easy to use dripless operation for optimum sanitation, and constant cooling at the pinch point.

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Inside Celco
March 2009 (Volume 38)

Featuring Electrolux Energy Star Dishwashers … Electrolux Commercial Dishwashers that have earned the ENERGY STAR® are on average 25% more energy-efficient and 25% more water efficient than standard models.

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Inside Celco
February 2009 (Volume 37)

Featuring Silver King Prep Tables … Prep Tables, Mega Top Tables, Counter Tops and Pizza Tables, all featuring space saving design, cool innovations and more. Models are front breathing for flush installation, and offer a cold air blanket design that guarantees NSF required temperatures on all units.

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Inside Celco
Jan 2009 (Volume 36)

Featuring Electrolux Air-O-Convect … A hybrid convection oven that provides the benefits of both a convection oven and a steamer, with a built in automatic integrated cleaning system.

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Inside Celco
August 2008 (Volume 35)

Featuring Silver King Uprights … Royal quality regal performance, with rugged stainless steel construction inside and out, and programmable controls for temperature, defrost and alarm features.
December, 2007 (Volume 33) (~135K)

Featuring Amana AXP High Speed Combination Oven … Looking for a way to speed up your service without sacrificing food quality? The Amana AXP is your answer. From fine dining establishments to kiosks, the Amana AXP is poised to help operators serve the quality food they want in seconds!

January, 2007 (Volume 30) (~100K)

Featuring Amana High Wattage Microwaves … Increase the wattage … decrease the time. Watt a difference an Amana Steaming Unit makes!

September, 2006 (Volume 28) (~140K)

Featuring Amana Microwave SA10 Shelf Accessory … Amana takes microwave cooking to a whole new level. Increase the capacity of your oven with the SA10 Shelf Accessory. The shelf comes with a set of long and short legs for installation flexibility.

June, 2006 (Volume 24) (~130K)

Featuring Amana Microwave Ovens … Microwave ovens can replace multiple pieces of equipment – Operators looking for an affordable way to improve efficiency, cut energy costs and reduce wait times might be overlooking one valuable tool in their kitchen, the commercial microwave oven.

February, 2006 (Volume 22) (~165K)

Featuring Amana Light Duty 1000 Watt Ovens … Ideal for light volume sites, these dependable ovens offer fast convenient service. Ideal for self serve locations, these ovens are the perfect replacement for home or domestic ovens in foodservice locations.

July, 2005 (Volume 18) (~480K)

Featuring the Amana Veloci High Speed Oven … The new Amana Veloci High Speed Oven is a revolution in cooking. Utilizing an innovative combination of convection, radiant and microwave technology, this oven allows operators to toast, bake and crisp a variety of foods in seconds instead of minutes.

May, 2005 (Volume 15) (~160K)

Featuring Amana Digital Dial Units … These units are excellent for use in light to medium commercial settings, and perfect for volume vending areas, such as schools, cafeterias, convenience stores, or wait stations.

June, 2004 (Volume 8) (~305K)

Featuring Amana High Wattage Microwaves … Available in Amana HDC and RC Series, these microwaves are designed for heavy and constant use.

January, 2004 (Volume 3) (~515K)

Featuring the Amana Convection Express Oven … This oven combines 475ºF of convected air with 1000 watts of microwave power. It has 1.2 cubic food capacity, accommodates a standard 1/2 size pan, and has 100 programmable menu items, 11 power levels and 4 stage cooking.

July, 2006 (Volume 25) (~215K)

Featuring Celco’s Web Site Launch … In July 2005 Celco moved into its new premises on Secretariat Court. We soon realized we had also out grown our website and in early 2006 plans began on construction of a different kind, bringing forward a bold fresh new website. Many of the features and items you have become accustomed to using on our previous web site are still here but with the addition of multiple new features for a totally new Celco website experience.

August, 2005 (Volume 19) (~210K)

North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) 2005 … Celco encourages everyone to visit the Amana, Nieco and Silver King booths at this prestigious show.

January, 2005 (Volume 11) (~130K)

Celco and Amana Put the Care into Healthcare … Celco and Amana work with Healthcare facilities and have created a system that is flexible, economical, and creates a home-like environment. To complement this unique system, Celco has a Food Applications Consultant who supports consultants, dealers, and their customers.


August, 2006 (Volume 27) (~250K)

Featuring Viva Gelato! Celcold Goes Italian … Gelato. The Italian ice cream explosion of the new century. Celcold CF Series cabinets, along with food guards and gelato holders, designed especially for the gelato pans are the perfect partnership for your gelato business.

March, 2005 (Volume 13) (~290K)

Featuring Celcold Branding … Branding a Celcold unit is an inexpensive way to increase sales of high-profit items. Let Celco show you how to customize its complete line of merchandising coolers and freezers.

April, 2004 (Volume 6) (~555K)

Featuring Celcold Dipping Cabinets … Celcold dipping cabinets feature an interior cabinet made of stucco aluminum, which is bright and attractive, durable and non-staining, chip and crack resistant and easy to clean.

August, 2007 (Volume 32) (~170K)

Featuring Electrolux Pot & Pan Dishwashers … Available in three sizes, these dishwashers include a built in booster combined with the rinse booster for perfect rinsing performance in terms of sanitization and energy savings.

August, 2007 (Volume 31) (~120K)

Featuring Electrolux “C Line” Conveyor Dishwashers … These dishwashers feature a single tank with built in hot water booster, and are available in two sizes - 44" and 66". The WT66 comes with a 22" pre wash section that uses cold water so that food remains are not baked onto the plates.

November, 2006 (Volume 29) (~150K)

Featuring Electrolux Pressure Braising Pans … Electrolux makes it possible to cook for more customers in half the time. We're talking 200 pounds of rice in 8 minutes. See for yourself what the world's fastest braising pan will do in your kitchen.

May, 2006 (Volume 23) (~135K)

Featuring the Electrolux Air-O-Speed High Speed Combi Oven … Electrolux Professional introduces its revolutionary high-speed combi oven, Air-O-Speed™ to the North American market at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in May 2006. This innovative product enables high-speed, quality, large batch cooking, utilizing convection, combi and steam with a patented microwave technology, allowing the operator to use 10 metal hotel pans simultaneously.

April, 2005 (Volume 14) (~150K)

Featuring Electrolux Dishwashers … Flexible in their usage, Electrolux dishwashers combine sturdiness with the maximum in sanitization and washing results. They are at the forefront of washing technology. Electrolux dishwashers provide a high-powered wash and a constant temperature rinse, to ensure every plate is cleaned and sanitized to perfection.

February, 2005 (Volume 12) (~240K)

Featuring Electrolux Pasta Cookers … Electrolux has a full range of pasta cookers, induction cook tops, food warmers, worktops, refrigerated and freezer bases. Custom build your pasta station to be as big or as compact as your business requires.

September, 2004 (Volume 10) (~305K)

Featuring the Electrolux Cook Chill System … Electrolux offers a completely integrated Cook and Chill system. Their innovative techniques and functions are able to bring great advantages and benefits in processes like thawing, cooking, chilling, cold storing, and regenerating.


May, 2005 (Volume 16) (~340K)

Featuring Molteni Custom Built Ovens … Celco is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Molteni line of custom built ovens.

October, 2005 (Volume 20) (~145K)

Featuring Nieco Automatic Broilers … Cook what was ordered, how it was ordered, better, faster and cheaper. From a small menu to an extensive menu, Nieco has the broiler to suit you. From countertop to large volume, Nieco can make your life easier.

March, 2004 (Volume 5) (~550K)

Featuring Nieco Broilers … Having a NIECO broiler is like having an extra, highly competent manager on staff. A manager that oversees and controls the production of consistently delicious, quality menu items. A manager that cuts cooking time in half, reduces energy consumption, and produces more product per square foot than ever before. A manager that requires no salary or vacation benefits. Whatever you may like about manual broiling, you’ll find that NIECO automatic broilers can do it, only better, faster and with fewer worries.


January, 2006 (Volume 21) (~220K)

Featuring Silver King Undercounter Fridge and Freezer Units … Take a look at a variety of height and width options for these units. Use your space more efficiently and create different refrigerator/freezer combinations.

June, 2005 (Volume 17) (~370K)

Featuring Silver King Milk Dispensers … Individual cartons of milk may seem convenient, but isn’t throwing your profits down the drain even more inconvenient?

July/August, 2004 (Volume 9) (~305K)

Featuring Silver King Back Bars and Beer Dispensers … Silver King Back Bars Coolers and Direct Draw Beer Dispensers are now available in stainless steel.

May, 2004 (Volume 7) (~495K)

Featuring Silver King High Capacity Refrigerated Chef Bases … Features include full extension drawers with cartridge style drawer slides secured to integrated welded 12 gauge stainless steel framework. This premier slide and framework construction promotes lateral stability while offering high dynamic load capacities and a stay-shut feature.

February, 2004 (Volume 4) (~515K)

Featuring Silver King Upright Reach-In Fridges and Freezers … Have you seen the new line that Silver King released in Fall 2003? Monarch Upright Reach-In Fridges and Freezers come in two sizes to accommodate every need. Fully stainless steel, inside and out. Advanced design reach-ins meet rugged construction in technology. Easy to maintain, easy to service, easy to clean. Royal quality, regal performance.

December, 2003 (Volume 2) (~575K)

Featuring the Silver King Undercounter Refrigerator … This undercounter refrigerator has a small footprint, so it's a big space saver. The compact 24” unit saves valuable floor space.

November, 2003 (Volume 1) (~575K)

Featuring the Silver King Superior Salad System … Celco recently conducted a test on leaf lettuce using four different methods of storage, Silver King’s Salad System being one of them. The results of the test showed that the Silver King Salad dispenser surpassed other methods of storage by almost 75%. The product maintained not only a constant internal temperature, but kept its colour and texture too, showing once again that Silver King has refrigeration down cold.